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Pelvic floor rehabilitation 

Our goal is to provide an environment in which you are comfortable discussing very intimate, and at times embarrassing or painful topics of concern.  Our hope is to develop a collaborative dialogue in which you are better able to understand pelvic floor and the role of intervention. We provide an individually tailored program to meet your specific needs while considering all areas of your life which have been impacted by your pelvic floor dysfunction.


Surface electromyography (EMG) that allows patients to visualize pelvic floor function in real time with ability to compare individual sessions to allow for standardized assessment of function

manual techniques

We are formally trained in both internal and external techniques to better assess and treat areas of dysfunction. We want to provide the most information possible to our patients to allow them to better understand why they are experiencing their symptoms

Real time ultrasound

The current gold standard for pelvic floor function and assessment. A non-invasive technique to allow a visual representation of your pelvic floor, while displaying real time movement. 


Our clinic includes a pilates reformer, as well as necessary training equipment to assess your pelvic floor function in all areas of your life, including current workout regimen. 

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